Face masks of the week: Lixirskin, Nuori, This Works, NIOD, Evolve Organic, Tropic Skincare



I was writing the other day about my newfound joy in upping up my masking game, so I wanted to share with you my 7-day mask programme to treat congested, oily, breakout-prone skin. One mask for each day of the week might sound like an intense commitment, but with the right choice of products it becomes a very easy task.

Monday: Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber (£28 / 60ml)

Lixirskin has become a bit of a cult brand since its launch, and I definitely understood why as soon I tried out the Soft Clay Rubber for the first time. Despite the fancy, intriguing name, this a very straightforward and wholesome clay mask, with some added actives that turn it into a power-treatment, namely keratolytic enzymes that dissolve pore-clogging keratin, making it a fantastic start of the week. It can be used as a mechanical exfoliator as well, but I personally prefer applying it as a mask, with a generous amount all over. It tends to make my skin a bit red afterwards, but this clears away very quickly and turns into a nice glow straight away.

Tuesday: Nuori Supreme Polishing Treatment (£65 / 45ml + 8g)

I got this product a while back from work and I completely forgot it in its box until it nearly expired! Despite this, I was very keen to try this extra cool Scandi brand (I absolutely adore the black-white-yellow packaging) – plus it was far too pricey to simply toss away. It is a two-step treatment comprising of an enzyme complex and a powder booster for a very gentle chemical and mechanical dual exfoliating effect. The formulas contain fermented acerola cherry and pomegranate that dissolve dead cells, and jojoba beads and rice powder for the most delicate scrubbing effect. You simply mix the two in your hands, massage into the skin and leave on for just five minutes, and it leaves the skin extra soft and glowing.

Wednesday: This Works Sleep Power Recharge Mask (£32 / 50ml)

The main qualities I expect from a mid-week mask are energy boosting and refreshing, and the product from This Works perfectly fits the brief. The blue formula with clay (one of my all-time favourite mask ingredients), hyaluronic acid (the best moisturiser) and fruit acids (peeling and brightening) is a nicely tingly, refreshing treat that leaves the skin energised and brightened. It comes with a handy applicator brush at the end of the tube, and an aromatherapy scent that is meant to accompany a power nap.

Thursday: NIOD Sanskrit Saponins (£34 / 180ml)

Thursdays are my lazy days, when the thought of the weekend around the corner is the only motivation that keeps me going. So most of the time I’m just struggling to survive another day, and my enthusiasm for skincare is usually minimal. This is where the Sanskrit Saponins come in handy. The formula uses Ayurvedic saponins for a very thorough cleaning effect that dissolves sebum, softens the skin and rinses off without any trace. Not technically a mask but a cleansing paste, I like to bend the rules and actually leave it on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing. It makes for the perfect low-commitment, low-effort treatment that leaves the skin squeaky-clean in minutes and ready for bed – plus I find the Ayurvedic herb smell really relaxing.

Friday: Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask (£24 / 60ml)

After a long week of work, Friday evening is my skincare treat time and my go-to mask for a double exfoliating and brightening action is this cult product for Evolve. The thick and rich oil-based formula is made with cacao and clay, plus upcycled berry seed particles that only needs 5-10 minutes to get the skin brilliantly glowing. Plus it smells absolutely delicious (hello vanilla chocolate!) and magically turns into a milk in contact with water, despite all the oils in the formula. Quick tip: mine tends to separate a bit in the jar, so I make sure to quickly mix it well before applying. I also like to rub it in to make the most of its exfoliating effect.

Saturday: Tropic Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask (£20 / 50ml)

This has become my go-to skin clearing clay mask, which works like a charm especially towards the end of the week when my skin is at its most tired (read: dull, spotty and blotchy). The luxuriously thick, extra green texture is rich in clay and powered by spirulina algae, bamboo charcoal and ginger, a very happy combo that works like a charm in clearing out my skin every time. I always apply it with the Tropic spatula because it’s far too thick for my normal mask brush, and I like to leave it on until it dries almost fully, which makes it a tad difficult to wash off, but the results are really worth the effort.

Sunday: Evolve Organic Beauty Miracle Mask (£24 / 60ml)

Of all the products I’ve mentioned so far in this post, this Miracle Mask is my current skincare obsession. I seriously adore it and I’m sadly reaching the bottom of the jar already. It combines all the ingredients that I love: AHAs (glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and tartaric acids from fruits), maca and papaya, which all work as a power-combo to exfoliate and leave the skin clear, glowing and extra soft. Its bright yellow colour, courtesy of superfood Peruvian maca, has the tendency to stain white towels, so best to dry the skin with anything but your finest Egyptian cotton towels after rinsing.

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