Face Masks of the Week: Sanctuary Spa, Etude House, Evolve Organic Beauty, The Ordinary, Onagrine



Face masks are ideally located at the border between skincare necessity and indulgence. Some see them as a necessary treatment and building block of any weekly routine, while others choose to use them sporadically according to special needs – before an important event while after a long night out maybe. As you might have already guessed, I am proudly part of the mask fans and I love combining them, sometimes even every single day, to enhance the benefits of my routine and improve the look of my skin. Here are the latest masks in my routine.

Sanctuary Spa Radiance 1 Minute Flash Facial (£14 / 75ml)

I came across this mask back in May (you can see it as part of my brightening daytime routine), and I’ve been using it regularly to wake my skin up in the morning. I would even add this to the top 5 products that saved my skin this summer on a very sleepless trip to Asia, when I used it almost every single day for about two weeks! The “culprit” can only be the plant-based vitamin C extract, encapsulated in particles that break when in contact with water, which really work wonders when it comes to smoothing and offering skin a quick glow in just one minute. Perfect for busy mornings!

Etude House AC Clean UP Pink Powder Mask

Clay has been by skin’s bestie since my teenage years, probably the one ingredient that I’ve been most faithful to a decade and a half of testing beauty products. And who doesn’t like a pink clay mask that purifies the skin after a long day of wearing makeup or facing London’s adverse polluted atmosphere? As always, I love a bit of K-beauty in my routine, and this product is easy and quick to use – I leave it on while I do some choreas around the house for 10 minutes or so, after a double cleanse.

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask (£20 / 60ml)

One word can best describe this mask: YUM! The combination of a gorgeous smell of chocolate and tingly feel of melting coconut oil and scrubby sugar make it a lovely weekly treat. Even though the exfoliating particles can be a bit rough, this can be easily controlled by reducing the pressure on the skin when applied, and insisting more on the areas prone to accumulating dead cells and blackheads, like around the nose and chin.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (£6.30 / 30ml)

It might not technically be considered a typical mask, but this peeling solution works pretty much as a mask, which you rinse off after 10 minutes. The potent acid formula is to be used no more than once a week given its intense exfoliating and thus potentially irritating effects. Based on glycolic acid as a main ingredient, the Halloween-worthy liquid peel starts to tingle as soon as applied and continues to do so until it’s rinsed away with water, but the benefits on the skin are highly noticeable. Patch test recommended if you’re not used to acids and I would definitely not advise anyone to start their journey into AHA or BHA with this product (The Ordinaty have other affordable and efficient formulas for beginners).

Onagrine Visibly Pure Oxygenating Radiance Mask (€23 / 30ml)

I might be K-beauty obsessed, eager to try every new Korean product that I come across, but I always find myself going back to my first skincare love – French beauty. This is the second mask in the top 5 products that rescued the health and wellbeing of my skin on the aforementioned trip to Asia, and I find it equally useful for treating tired, congested and stressed skin on a weekly basis. Creamy and clean-smelling, this kaolin-based mask contains white water lily and adaptogen plants, whose ability to resist environmental stress can offer protection to the skin.

What are your favourite masks and how often do you use them?

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