Refreshing body favourites this summer



I found a few brilliant body products that are affordable, efficient and super pleasant to use, and I thought they would be worth sharing with you.

Maui Moisture Extra Hydrating Shea Butter Body Wash (£8.99 / 577ml)

This Hawaiian brand is probably best known for its brilliant range of hair care products, and this body wash was a ver pleasant discovery. Its thick and creamy texture lathers up generously –  you only need a few drops to cover the whole body – and it feels soft and delicate on the skin. In fact, it’s made for severely dry skin, with a rich formula with shea butter, aloe vera and coconut milk that smells and feels magically luxurious. I’m very keen to try a few more of their body washes – Pineapple Papaya and Frangipani sound absolutely divine!

Right Guard Foam & Oil with Coco Oil and Cacao Butter (£1.50 / 200ml)

It’s been a very hot summer so far, so here is another shower gel – and one more surprising discovery. It comes out like a shaving foam, but lathers up like a gel with an amazingly thick and divinely scented texture. The affordable price is a bit misleading because it doesn’t last quite as long as your average shower gel bottle, but the fun experience is definitely worth buying a whole bunch of these. It has turned showers into one of my favourite moments of the day and I’m definitely planning to repurchase.

Fine Deodorant Cream in Cedar Bergamot (27,30 EUR / 30g)

My years-long journey of discovering natural deodorants has definitely not come to an end. Despite the very disappointing (and unfortunately embarrassing) fails that some of the natural products put me through over these past years, I’m still eager to try new formulas that are both healthy and efficient. I got the deodorant cream from Fine at Indie Beauty Expo in London last autumn and I mainly got to use it this spring (so not quite in the middle of the heatwaves), but I absolutely loved the experience. It comes with a little wooden spatula to scoop out of the jar, and you massage it all over the underarm area, allowing it to sink it for a minute before getting dressed. The active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which works nearly as good as your average aluminium-based antiperspirant, while also allowing your body’s natural perspiration to take place. The formula is based on very hydrating coconut oil and shea butter and needless to say, the cedar and bergamot scent is divine! The packaging is glass, with a little bit of plastic in the lid, so a nice alternative to bulky sprays and plastic waste. I wish this product was easier to source in the UK because I’d love to try their other fragrances too.

Honestly pHresh Pre-Pro Biotic Deodorant Spray – Cardamom Rose ($14.99 / 60ml)

Funnily enough, here is another product from Indie Beauty Expo – this one from New York in 2018. I wasn’t instantly convinced by the slightly unusual scent, so I avoided using it until quite recently. But I really like the idea of the prebiotics and probiotics working with your skin rather than against it with harsh ingredients, and it was definitely worth a try since it’s turned into one of my favourite products. It works by keeping the skin’s pH balanced and encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria while eliminating the unwanted microorganisms to keep B.O. at bay. It works surprisingly well actually and the fine, light mist makes it really enjoyable to use. The packaging is also glass with minimal plastic and it’s a small, handy shape that would make it easy to carry around – if I was to travel around, that is! Highly recommended – too bad it seems to be US-only.

The Yes Company Yes WB Water Based Personal Lubricant (£14.99 / 150ml)

It might not be your average body care product, but this lube is definitely worth a mention here, in case anyone is interested. I met this company at the Natural & Organic Products Show at London Excel in spring last year and they were giving away small sample sachets, which convinced me to invest in the full product because it’s really that good! And if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to chemical-based lubes that smell and feel artificial, this aloe vera formula is a fantastic one to try – without any nasty, unnecessary fragrance. It’s definitely pricey, but it lasts for months because the formula is just the right amount of richness.

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