May skincare favourites: Kate Somerville, HydroPeptide and Elemis



One of the posts I’d like to bring back (for a very long time, hopefully), is the one where I highlight my absolute skincare favourites of the month – the products I use day in, day out and are giving me such amazing results that are simply worth shouting about. Here are the three products that impressed me this May.

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serum (£80 / 50ml)

Hefty price tag, extra hype brand, tacky and bulky packaging… I definitely did not expect to like this product, so I was quite sceptic when I started using it a few months ago. But recently I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for Kate Somerville’s Wrinkle Warrior as I’ve integrated it into my anti-wrinkle nighttime routine on a regular basis and the effects have been amazing. I will start with a disclaimer though: don’t believe the 2-in-1 promise, this product is a straight-on serum, and quite a good one for that matter, but I would not use it as a moisturiser alone because it’s far too lightweight. In fact, this is one of its major bonuses, its non-greasy, jelly texture sinks into the skin in seconds with a very softening feel, and the wrinkle plumping effect develops over the hours. It has certainly helped with the fine lines around my eyes and especially the frown lines on my forehead, with very visible results in the morning. It uses HA³, based on hyaluronic acid, to moisturise and plump up fine lines, combined with Sichuan pepper, biotechnology-activated sugar, copper and essential amino acids for a long term anti-wrinkle effect. I like to apply it on slightly moist skin after spraying a toning mist, and I always follow with a richer moisturiser, but I can see this working very well under foundation in the morning.

HydroPeptide Eye Authority Eye Cream (£48-£62 / 15ml)

I’ve recently become quite obsessed with eye creams, they have slowly turned into the skincare step that embodies all my hopes and dreams for a wrinkle-free appearance. No pressure, I know! So every time I come across a good eye cream, I feel like I should be very vocal about it because it doesn’t happen that often. Eye Authority from HydroPeptide has a delicate yet creamy texture – not too runny, not too greasy – that leaves the skin instantly brighter (this is a cosmetic effect given by a touch of shimmery mother-of-pearl) and hydrated. It uses a mix of peptides to reduce wrinkles and dark circles, and I’ve definitely noticed improvements when it comes to the fine lines around the corners of my eyes. I prefer to use it mainly at night, mainly to get the product to last as long as possible, and it has helped me wake up looking more rested. It performs very well when applied in the morning too, and it doesn’t crease under makeup. I love the packaging too – not just the lovely blue colour, but especially the air-tight pump system that ensures the cream stays fresh and bacteria-free until the last drop, a very important feature when it comes to products dedicated to the most delicate skin on the face.

Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF 30 (£46 / 40ml)

I seriously love Elemis. Most of the products I’ve tried, from shower gel to night oil, have managed to strike that ideal balance of lovely textures, visible results and accessible prices. The Daily Defence Shield SPF 30 has slowly become my morning favourite, thanks to its lightweight, quickly absorbed texture that makes it stand out from a lot of SPFs that I’ve tested, while also offering the benefits that I always look for in this type of product. The combination of protection against sun, pollution and blue light from devices makes it the perfect day cream for this time of year, and the moisturising, softening feel it creates leaves the skin in top condition every day. It also has a nice pointy applicator tip that helps control the quantity of cream that comes out of the tube, which is a great bonus for a sunscreen.

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