Latest beauty launches to get excited about this October

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Tropic Skincare has launched two new serums: Glow Berry Brightening Serum and Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum. Not sure yet which one I’m more excited to try – the most stable and potent form of vitamin C out there that protects skin all day long from antioxidants and therefore ageing, while also preventing and clearing pigmentation, ooooor the extra hydrating hyaluronic acid that can maintain moisture throughout the whole day and eradicate signs of wintery dryness and flakiness. The prices are mid-range for a serum (£42 each), but if they work as great as Tropic promise then they are an absolute bargain.

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Margaret Dabbs, acclaimed podiatrist on London’s Harley Street, has launched a new foot care line, Pure Feet, that builds a whole regimen for your feet – perfect for those rainy day pampering parties ahead. It starts with a foot soak and continues with a scrub and a moisturising lotion or oil for ultimate comfort and a touch of aromatherapy. Prices are £22-£25, if you exclude the £85 colloidal gold elixir that might be the world’s most extravagant foot treatment.

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Decree is a new brand that caught my interest because of its very common sense, yet not so common philosophy. Developed by an NHS dermatologist, the complete regimen is intended to provide everything your complexion needs, and nothing it doesn’t, meaning no unnecessary ingredients at all and no need to shop from other brands. The formulas are high tolerance rather than fast acting, but the aim is to bring balance to your skin, regardless of the issues you’re facing. One of the highlights in the range is Weekly Decree, a two-step mask packed in individual pods that comes with a fruit acid peel and a lipid-based creamy, hydrating mask. Prices range between £44 and £130, so mainly suitable for those who are ready to splash.

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And my favourite event this October: Indie Beauty Expo is coming to London for a second time! There are so many brands I’m looking forward to see and even more that I’m curious to discover. Take, for example, Skin Sapiens – the newest clean beauty kid on the block, or Depixym – creator of so-called cosmetic emulsions in funky shades that can do pretty much anything you want from makeup. This year IBE will not open to the public anymore, but I promise to report back on the coolest new brands hitting the UK.

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