May favourites


I love playing around with different products and most of the time struggle to finish them before I get bored. I have my staples, which I keep mentioning here from time to time, but the rest of my routine consists of a lot of experimenting and testing to see what works and what can give me (even) better results. Alongside the three books I’ve read and loved in May, here are some of the products that I’ve enjoyed using this month, from the usual skincare to make-up and some head-to-toe beauty recommendations.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer (£27 / 38g)

I only use foundation for special occasions or when my skin is far too unmanageable for concealer, so in theory I shouldn’t be needing a primer. But Hangover from Too Faced is mot certainly no ordinary primer. The silicone-free, yet smoothly gliding texture leaves the skin gently softer, while probiotics and coconut water hydrate and work really well to even replace a regular daily moisturiser. This is exactly my kind of ‘makeup’ – a skincare formula that brightens and helps me cheat at looking more rested.

Alpha-H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF 15 (£40 / 50ml)

Over the last couple of years I’ve been getting really good with my SPF and I make considerable efforts to not leave the house without protection. This moisturiser from Alpha-H has made my job really easy – it smells divine (natural rose extract) and spreads smoothly, both on top of the Too Faced Hangover primer and on bare skin (hello lazy weekend mornings!). It’s got caffeine, niacinamide and hydrating shea butter, and blue-light protection – added bonus for workdays spent in front of multiple screens! SPF 15 is exactly what I need when the weather in London is not particularly sunny, like it’s been these last couple of months, but I’m planning to swap it for an SPF 30 over the summer for stronger everyday sun protection. I’m definitely planning to go back to this one in autumn and winter, it’s got the ideal moisturising consistency for colder, darker days.

Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer (£25 / 15ml)

Since I don’t use normally foundation, a good concealer is my go-to daily makeup product that I cannot live without. I find it actually quite hard to come across one that is efficient at covering my under-eye dark circles and the odd blemish, especially without the need to reapply it throughout the day. This Too Faced concealer is probably one of the best formulas I’ve tried in years and I really love using it every morning. It’s thick enough to offer good coverage, yet creamy enough to spread easily on the skin without leaving any streaks behind. I tend to blend it into my under-eye and nose area and it does quite a fine job at diffusing the look of pores.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (£20 / 232ml)

I suffer from quite an oily scalp and fine hair, so using a dry shampoo is the only beauty habit that saves me from washing my hair every day. I’ve experimented with quite a few products over the last 10 years, and the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo has definitely been one of the highlights. I’ve been carrying it in my bag for the past couple of months and it’s been a true life-saviour especially after my morning gym sessions, saving me time and potential hair damage caused by excessive washing. It smells really nice and is much lighter than typically cheaper dry shampoos that leave far too much white powder residue behind. It uses rice starch to absorb sebum and sea buckthorn berry to hydrate, in a more gentle formula that keeps hair from overdrying.

Floral Street Ylang-Ylang Espresso Eau de Parfum (£58 / 50ml)

I first discovered this perfume almost a couple of years ago when Floral Street launched and Ylang-Ylang Espresso was a coup de coeur at first smell. The two contrasting notes, plus the addition of tiramisu, result in such a unique strong blend that you most probably either love or hate. After I finished the first bottle last winter, one of my friends gave me another one for my birthday and I rediscovered the scent this spring. I take it with me everywhere I go, it’s become a staple in my bag and my dearest signature fragrance.

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