September favourites


Some months are all about discovering new favourites, while others are about using the products you know and love. This September has been mostly one of the latter kinds, where I focused on decluttering my ‘bathroom shelfie’ and preparing for the colder days of autumn, which meant using up the last of my summer skincare that would probably not be worth storing for half a year until springtime, with just a few drops left at the bottom of the packs. These are by no means all of the products I’ve been using this month (probably not even close to half of them, for that matter), but they are certainly the ones that have made a positive change for my complexion/personal care. And another key point: I’m focusing on mentioning those products that I haven’t already talked about in previous posts, just so I can give them all a fair chance.

W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum (£110 / 2 x 15ml)

(Meaning wellness equals health and beauty squared). If you’re ever tempted to splash out on a serum that is quite different to other products you’ve used before, than this duo formula is a really nice treat for skin of all ages. Two tubes fused together with two applicators outlining the shape of the yin-yang symbol, a nod to the brand’s traditional Chinese medicine inspiration, and two separate formulas: one for age resistance and radiance with peptides and probiotics, and one for protection against stress and environmental damage with niacinamide and lots of other natural extracts. I prefer using this in the morning, when I apply two pumps of each phase on freshly cleansed skin, one after massaging in the other, and I’m really loving the instant calming and glowing effects. I only need to follow with the sun protective moisturiser afterwards (I don’t even need eye cream in the morning anymore) and I can go through my day without even applying foundation.

HydroPeptide Solar Defense Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (£36 / 50ml)

I’ve been using this sun protector all summer and still haven’t finished it by the end of September, despite the generous amount that I make sure to apply on my face and neck every morning. I used to be very bad with my sunscreen, but one of the major changes that I made this year was incorporating an SPF into my (almost) daily routine. The peachy- scented and slightly tinted, colour-adjusting formula means that it works well on all skin tones and you don’t need to change it when your skin goes darker in summer or paler in winter. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to not bother my rather oilier skin, which makes it such a joy to apply every day.

Prana SpaCeuticals Hydro-Thermal Enzyme Mask ($65 / 60ml)

I might have mentioned this over 100 times so far, but I love acids in every shape and form, and with almost every step in my skincare routine. I use a glycolic-based toner and an AHA-enriched cleanser, and I’ve recently discovered this mask with fruit enzymes (pineapple bromelain for the connoisseurs), which essentially dissolves dead skin cells and buildup for a super skin smoothing and brightening effect. I got this mask at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York in August and I’ve been using it once a week for a gentle chemical peel, and it’s been miraculously helping to refresh my skin even during tougher times like a recent flu that’s left my skin dull and flaky looking.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream (£52 / 15ml)

Yes, Liquid Gold is a range indeed! I don’t know how much this eye cream has in common with the original toner, apart from the colour accents on the packs, but I was very curious to try another product from this brand. This formula is enriched with peptides and the ever-so-popular lime caviar, which has been making its way in skincare for the last couple of years, and even though it might not clear out my dark circles as it promises, it does have a very positive effect in reducing the dehydration lines around the corners of my eyes, which has been one of my major concerns this year. I also love the ice-cold metal applicator, even though I feel the need to pat down the cream with my fingertips afterwards, and another great thing about this cream is the rich, yet not overwhelming consistency that goes a long way with just a couple of drops. I’ve been using it every evening since spring and I still haven’t finished half, it’s proving to be very good value for money.

ThisWorks Skin Deep Leg Duo (£37 / 2 x 50ml)

This is yet another summer favourite that’s making its way into my colder days routine. I love the golden glow that it gives me a boost of confidence for bare legs and arms, which makes it superb for those nice summer days and evenings, but I’ve also recently discovered its very moisturising and smoothing effects, so I ended up using it before bed, especially after epilating or when my skin is very dry. My absolute favourite thing about it has to be the truly amazing natural smell of essential oils!

Weleda Citrus 24h Roll-On Deodorant (£7.95 / 50ml)

Here’s one thing that no one tells you about natural deodorants: they don’t last as much as the aluminium-based formulas that we’re all very used to! I went through quite a few trial and error phases with multiple natural deodorants that I ended up throwing in the bin because they kept failing me throughout the day, but this super fresh scented Weleda deodorant has been the only one that could easily compete with the less healthy products that I’ve been trying to quit. Even though it still allows your body to sweat and thus maintain its natural functions, which I really don’t mind at all, it does so without any of the dreadful bad smell. Win-win!

Kat von D Brow Struck Dimension Powder in Light Brown (£17 / 1.5g)

I know I never talk about makeup, and that’s not because I don’t use it, but mainly because I’m not that passionate about it. I generally tend to use only the bare minimum and focus mainly on a trio of concealer-mascara-eyebrow powder, which brings me to this very pretty compact with an elaborate baroque design and a slightly sparkly powder that I’ve been using daily all summer without even making a dent into! I’m super pleased to have found the right shade for my eyebrows, because it hasn’t been as easy as it might sound, and I think I’ll probably be using this till the end of time (or until I get bored or come across something even better, if someone dares invent something like that one day).

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That eye cream sounds amazing 🙂


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