July Skincare Product Launches You Need to Know About


july launches.jpgAre you getting bored of your everyday routine and curious to see what’s out there to make your skin beautiful (and your life easier)? Here are some of the latest skincare summer launches from around the world that might do just that:


SkinOwl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip is a multi-tasking soothing and smoothing mask that also works as a make-up primer. Full of organic oils and botanicals rich in antioxidants (such as the extra colourful Patagonian maqui berry, which is about to become the new superfood on the market), it promises to intensely brighten and moisturise the skin. $68, available in the USA at skinowl.com


Peter Thomas Roth 20% Complex Glycolic Solutions Jumbo Peel Swabs offer individually packed exfoliating acid doses with a high concentration of AHA for a quick acid fix. Super easy and convenient, the cotton swabs offer the anti-ageing benefits of glycolic acid, combined with niacinamide, adenosine and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration and radiance. $48 for 8 pieces, available in the USA at peterthomasroth.com


Amly Digital Detox Silver Rich Face Mist is an anti-pollution mist offering protection from digital exposure, helping to prevent damage from blue light and the electromagnetic fields of computers and smart phones. The detoxifying mist rebalances and refreshes your skin and the environment around you with the aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils. The formula is based on mineral spring water, naturally rich in silver, from an organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex, with anti-ageing and antioxidant properties to counteract the damages of modern life and offer an easy way to clarify and relax the skin and mind. £42, available in the UK at amlybotanicals.com and Content Beauty

summer lotion.jpg

Natura Bissé C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion offers exactly what your skin needs after sun exposure and outdoor activities in the summer season, with a cocktail of vitamins C and E, cooling aloe vera and antioxidants to heal damages and discomfort. So you can stop feeling guilty for all those hours spent at the beach! £50, available in the UK at spaceNK


Orveda is a skincare range created by Sue Y Nabi, the former L’Oreal and Lancôme CEO for 20 years, with a wide selection of clean and vegan, gender neutral prestige products. Their aim is to work with the skin, not against it by signalling the end of the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, empowering skin to heal from within with an Asian-inspired combination of bio-fermented bacteria, enzymes and yeast working with skin’s natural processes and microflora, including kombucha black tea. Currently available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, the 18 products, with prices starting at £75 and reaching up to £350, promise to satisfy all your skin’s needs, with high tech application tools and brushes. 


If you’re tempted to board the rainbow masking train, then you probably need I Dew Care from Memebox, a range of multi-textured and multi-coloured masks that tackle all skin problems, like acne, dryness or lack of radiance. Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask deserves a special mention for the beautiful silver chrome effect it creates when applied on the skin. $19 to $23, available in the US at ulta.com


The latest in Korean beauty, GD-11 Raising Power Ball Mask is an individually portioned ball-shaped sleeping pack that can be easily used anywhere and anytime (so perfect for taking on the plane), as it simply melts when mixed with a few drops of essence or toner to be applied to the face as a liquid. Just don’t be put off by the unusual (and quite frankly gross) actives like human umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell culture! Just check out the photo below to see how it magically turns into a liquid. Around $50 for a pack of 12, available in Korea and the US on ebay 

ball mask.jpg

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