The Anti Anti-Ageing Skincare – A Beauty Manifesto


Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, anti-dark spots… The negative approach to skincare that we have been hearing our entire lives is starting to get a bit tiring. The whole idea of someone telling you what you should look like, what the definition of ‘true’ beauty is etc., is something that we’re all fed up with. Instead of worrying what our skin might look like in our 40s, we’d much rather do what it takes to enjoy our youthful skin now, in our 20s and 30s. Maybe a firm neckline and less crow’s feet lines around the eyes might sound good in twenty years’ time, but nothing beats the healthy glow that makes for the best #nofilter photos!

We want skincare to help enhance our looks today and make us feel body confident. And the most positive message that we want to hear from our favourite beauty brands is how to achieve healthy skin. Instead of chasing the unrealistic expectation of eternal youth, we would much rather wake up to a clear, dewy skin every morning – and look our best at any age.

Because “ageing gracefully” still sounds like a consolation prize, the word corrective should be forever banned from our skincare and replaced by enhancing! Look for organic beauty, essential minerals and antioxidants to keep your skin away from pollution and free radicals, brightening vitamin C, renewing retinol, moisturising and plumping hyaluronic acid, double cleansing, protective SPF in your morning routines… So make the conscious choice of protecting and enhancing what you have – and your skin will simply take care of itself.

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